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Nessa Home Care, LLC (License No. 42044) is a homecare referral and placement agency. Our in-home care services use qualified and screened caregivers to help with our clients’ activities of daily living including but not limited to respite care, companionship, personal care, transportation, bathing assistance, and much more, all at the convenience of our clients’ own home. Our caregivers provide elder/senior care and caters to other challenging conditions of our clients such as dementia care (including Alzheimer’s), Parkinson’s care, hospice care, and rehabilitation care.

Assessment and Services

Each client must be evaluated by a Nessa Home Care Assessor. The client will be assessed based on his or her physical capabilities and the home environment in order to properly assign the client to their appropriate Tiers (see below). Once assessed, we will set up each client with their respective caregivers and create the kind of care that fit the clients’ needs.

Each Tier pricing varies on the condition of each client, and the amount of assistance required of caregivers per client.

Nessa Home Care will introduce pre-screened and qualified caregivers to the clients, and at any time that client may decide that the caregiver is not a good fit for them or that they do not like how any of the caregivers have treated them, we will immediately take appropriate action and find a replacement caregiver for the client.

Our Caregivers

Our Caregivers Our network of caregivers is the cornerstone of Nessa Home Care. While they are independent contractors, each applicant is very thoroughly screened and trained. We search for those who are truly committed to serving as a caregiver and we endeavor to match the right caregiver based on our clients’ needs. 

All Caregivers are first required to be First aid/CPR certified, and due to Covid-19 pandemic; each caregiver is required to get Covid tested before employment and are also required to keep current with testing, and certifications. 

Some of our caregivers have also chosen to get the Covid vaccine. If any of our caregivers may be coming down with anything, or are feeling really tired, they are sent to get tested, and are not put back on schedule until they can provide a negative covid test result. 

Client and Caregiver Relationship

Nessa Home Care reserves all rights to hire and manage our own caregivers. The caregivers placed by Nessa Home Care are not allowed to be employed or contracted with, either directly or indirectly by the same client upon the termination of the client and caregiver relationship that was established by Nessa Home Care without the consent of Nessa Home Care. The client nor the caregiver cannot resume client and caregiver relationship no earlier than 6 months after the caregiver’s relationship has been discontinued by Nessa Home Care. If such relationship occurs without our knowledge, Nessa Home Care may take necessary legal steps to protect its business interests in pursuance of such actions.

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